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Do you masturbate? This time, we will focus on Yumeka Mihama, who appears in uncensored porn. Yumeka Mihama, who exudes the charms of an adult, is a very attractive girl. What are her three sizes, and what is her debut movie? You can learn more about Yumeka Mihama by reading this article.

Yumeka Mihama is from Saitama Prefecture.

His date of birth is September 29, 1992, and as of this writing (September 2023) he will be 30 years old.

Her height is 158 cm, her three sizes are 88/59/90, and her bra size is an F cup.

The appearance is neat and clean.
It is exciting to see a neat and tidy woman being promiscuous!
And her F-cup tits are also very attractive.

Yumeka Mihama was an idol around 2008 under the name “Mariko Kamiya.
Since 2011, he was a second-term member of Hoshikage Factory, a subgroup of the idol group Hoshi no Otome Kagekidan.

After graduating from Hoshikage Factory, he founded the entertainment agency Four Seas Productions in 2015, where he also holds the title of President.
We produce a variety of idols, the most famous of which is an idol group called “Bishojo Densetsu” (Legend of Bishojo).
(Currently disbanded.)
By the way, I found a CD, but it looks like it is no longer for sale.

In 2020, she showed her hair nude in the April 21 issue of the weekly magazine FLASH.

In an interview at this time,
“I want to go out on the stage myself and lead everyone.
I want to go out on the stage myself and lead everyone.

In 2020, we are releasing an image DVD
Here is the piece.

It was released on June 26, 2020, when Yumeka Mihama was 27 years old.

Kochira’s work is also very sexually explicit.
Although there is no production, masturbation, pseudo-fellatio, and pseudo-sex are also performed.
The facial expressions are erotic, and the work is naughty.

After seeing this film, I thought the next step would be porn, but FC2 had her perform in an uncensored porno.
Here is the piece.

I believe this is going to be an uncensored AVDebut work.

The launch was on April 10, 2021.

Yumeka Mihama was 28 years old.

The innocent, yet very naughty expressions on their faces are very naughty!

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