【Uncensored AV Actresses】Leo Tsubaki has a model-like style and is very erotic.

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Do you masturbate, everyone? This time, we would like to introduce Leo Tsubaki, who appears in Uncensored Adult Movies. She is 167cm tall and looks like a model. What are her three sizes, and what is her debut movie? You can learn a lot about Leo Tsubaki by reading this.

Leo Tsubaki is from Yamagata Prefecture!

His date of birth is September 20, 1998, and as of this writing (September 2023) he is 24 years old, but will soon turn 25.

Her height is 167 cm, her three sizes are 93/59/90, and her bra size is a G cup!

She was already a D cup in junior high school and continued to grow, reaching an F in high school and a G cup as an adult.
The thin under bust may also be the reason for the increase in cup size!

My hobbies are sports.
I was on the track team in high school and my specialty is short distance.

My first experience was in my sophomore year of high school with my first boyfriend.

First boyfriend, first sex.
It must have been romantic and exciting to be with the same person for the first time!

When I thought about it, I answered this way to a magazine interview.

I had sex with my first boyfriend in my junior year of high school, but it wasn’t very exciting….
I lost confidence, but when I found a sex video in his room, I said to myself, “This is what porn is like. I want to try it. I wanted to have confidence,” so I applied for the job myself.


It was the first time for both men and women to have sex, so I think it’s natural that things didn’t go well or feel good from the start…
But I’ve been through a lot, so I can say that…

Leo Tsubaki, who is negative about sex, gradually became interested in porn.
Instead of studying in porn, she became an AV actress.

My boyfriend and I later broke up when I graduated from high school.
Therefore, she had only one boyfriend before she debuted in porn.
So, you must be wondering about Leo Tsubaki’s debut work after having only one experience…
Here is Leo Tsubaki’s Debut work.

The release date is September 6, 2018, when Leo Tsubaki was 19 years old!

SODcreate’s popular label “Kimini horeta! and debuted as an exclusive actress on SODcreate’s popular

As a label that has produced popular AV actresses in the past, Leo Tsubaki’s level of performance is still very high.

In 2019, she became a planning stand-alone actress.
Leo Tsubaki, who has been sold as a purist as an exclusive actress, will try various roles and plays after becoming a planning stand-alone actress.

Released on January 18, 2019, she is the first project stand-alone actress to be a “Tits Slave!”

Since then, She has been energetically releasing new works!
We are looking forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

Leo Tsubaki’s alias is also helpful when searching!

  • Leo Tsubaki
  • Riko Mizuki
  • Rion Amane

Please search if you are interested.
I also searched and found many works that have already been discontinued.
We recommend you to search as soon as possible.

Leo Tsubaki has already appeared in uncensored porn.

Incidentally, the name Leo Tsubaki was changed when she debuted in the DTI series.
The uncensored AVDebut work will be here

The delivery date is December 23, 2021, when Leo Tsubaki was 23 years old.

The “irrumatio,” in which the male actor holds the head tightly and pistons it into the mouth, is a highlight and a naughty part of the show.

Thank you for reading this far.

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