【Uncensored AV Actresses】Hyuuga An is cute and naughty as a loli.

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Do you masturbate? This time we will focus on An Hyuuga, who appears in uncensored adult videos. An Hyuuga has a very cute Lolita-like face and body. What are her three sizes, and what is her debut movie? Read on to find out more about Anne An Hyuuga!

Anne Hyuuga is from Kanagawa Prefecture!

His date of birth is July 7, 1995, and as of this writing (November 2023), he will be 28 years old!

Her height is 157 cm, her three sizes are 80/57/85, and her bra size is a C cup!

Debut in AV was December 15, 2015, when Anne Hyuuga was 20 years old!

The Debut work is here!

What a novel product, a DVD with pants!

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The Debut film is one in which she takes off her pants and shows her pussy, and is interviewed while undressing.

In the interview, she proudly said that the men she has had sex with have told her that she is “so tight! She proudly says that the men she has had sex with have told her that she is “so tight!

At that time, she still looked very young and intriguing.
However, there is no kara-mi, and it looks more like an image video than an adult video.

Three months after the debut, we released this work!

This work has a carami.
I think this is more like a debut work.

The current An Hinata has impressive long silky black hair, small C-cup tits that are very well shaped, and pink nipples that are small and sensitive and look very tasty!

I think INSPIRE is still alive and well with her young face, but she is getting fewer and fewer appearances in Lolita.
I am looking forward to seeing how she will grow up next….

An Hyuuga is also very active in Uncensored AV.

Her debut uncensored AV was here, but her work was already deleted from FC2….

So, here is the oldest uncensored AV that is still being released.

The work was distributed by Shizen Musume and was delivered on January 4, 2019, when An Hyuuga was 23 years old!

The AV work is set up as “four men I have had sex with so far”.

Those who already know that she is active in surface pornography know that it is a lie that she has only had sex with four people.
For those who don’t know that, this film is sure to be full of naughty things, such as her wearing naughty underwear that doesn’t suit her face, moaning erotically, trying her best to give a hardcore blowjob, and Nakadashi.

I think you are beginning to wonder about Anchan Hyuga.

In searching for Anne Hyuuga, you may also be interested in her aliases.

Here is a list of Anne Hinata’s aliases.

  • An Hyuuga
  • Nozomi Okamoto
  • Aimi Miyazawa

You who have read this far.

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