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Do you masturbate, everyone? In this issue, we will focus on Satomi Inoue, who appears in Uncensored Adult Movies. Where is Satomi Inoue from? What are her three sizes, and what is her AVDebut film? You can learn a lot about Satomi Inoue by reading this.

I could not find out where Satomi Inoue was born.

Her date of birth is June 30, 2000, and at the time of this writing (November 2023) she will be 23 years old.

Her height is 161 cm, her three sizes are 93/62/89, and her bra size is H cup.

Let’s start with Satomi Inoue’s AVDebut work.

- エッチな4610

It is distributed by Echika 4610.
The release date is November 5, 2022 and Satomi Inoue is 22 years old.

It is rare that she debuts from uncensored porn… I thought, and when I searched for table AV with modification, I found it.

The work will be here

Distribution began on October 13, 2023.
Satomi Inoue is 23 years old.
It was released just recently.
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a new release~!

What… Satomi Inoue, is that you?

And your actress name is…

And your name is Yazawa.

It’s not the same.

Many readers must be thinking so.
It is true that the impression is different…but she is really Satomi Inoue.

I am surprised there are actresses who can make such a difference with the right makeup.
She must be thinking about the role she is going to play when she puts on her makeup! She is indeed a professional!

Satomi Inoue is now 23 years old.
I didn’t search back because I thought she was so young, but when I was looking for her past works, I found some information on the Internet.
She had appeared in an image video.

Miraculously, it was available on FC2 Video.

It was actually released on February 20, 2015, when Satomi Inoue was 14 years old.

What a surprise, she was in junior high school.
This is…

At that time, she was interviewed… It’s rare that a work gets this kind of attention from a junior high school student~!

By the way, when did your breasts start to get bigger?

I was a D cup by the time I was in the sixth grade.


I am surprised that she has been a D cup since she was a 6th grader….
By the way, it is even more surprising that she was a J-cup when this piece was shot!

Please check back as soon as possible if you are interested, as we don’t know when it will be removed.

Have you become fascinated by Satomi Inoue?

When searching for Satomi Inoue, it is important to know what other names she is using to broaden your search.

Here is a list of names under which Satomi Inoue is known.

  • Stomi Inoue
  • Sayaka Hukayama
  • Nano Yazawa
  • Kazuha Takao

You have read this far!

You’ve already fallen under the spell of Satomi Inoue and have decided to have her as your wanker for tonight.

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