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Do you masturbate? This time we will focus on Nagisa Shinohara, who appears in Uncensored Adult Movies. She is an actress that mature women can’t get enough of. Where is Nagisa Shinohara from? What are her three sizes? What is her date of birth? You can learn more about Nagisa Shinohara by reading this article.

I could not find out where Nagisa Shinohara was born.

His date of birth is November 30, 1988.
At the time of this writing (November 2023), he will be 34 years old!

Her height is 160 cm, her three sizes are 85/60/87, and her bra size is a D cup!

Nagisa Shinohara’s AVDebut work is here!

The delivery date is April 6, 2021, when Nagisa Shinohara is 32 years old.

Depending on the angle of view, she looks older than her actual age.

She is a very attractive actress for INSPIRE who loves mature women!

Her style is rather a little chubby.
However, this level of fleshiness seems to make her comfortable to cuddle with, making her an attractive actress.
She is also fair-skinned and has a beautifully shaped face, creating a neat and innocent atmosphere.

We can find only uncensored works of Nagisa Shinohara.

It seems that there are no works with mosaic.

She seems to be working energetically in DTI-type works.
In particular, I think that her work at “Pacopacoma Mama” matches the atmosphere of Nagisa Shinohara very well.

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