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Do you masturbate, everyone? This time, we will focus on Yayoi Yamauchi, who appears in Uncensored Adult Movies. Yayoi Yamauchi’s normal look is very attractive. You can learn a lot about Yayoi Yamauchi by reading this article.

Yamauchi Yayoi’s place of birth is Tokyo, Japan.

Her date of birth is June 17, 1991.
At the time of this writing (November 2023), she will be 32 years old.

Her height is 160 cm, her three sizes are 86/60/88, and her bra size is a C cup.

Yayoi Yamauchi debuted in adult films here…

Distributed by FC2 on March 3, 2023.

Yamauchi Yayoi was 31 years old.

She is not particularly “beautiful” or “cute.

She does not have a flashy face.


Normal face?
A personality far from porn? Not too docile?

It is not a naughty face.

But isn’t it exciting when a woman who doesn’t look naughty is very naughty?

In addition, she also has a pretty big ass, which is also attractive.

Moreover, Yamauchi Yayoi has debuted from uncensored porn, and we cannot confirm her performance history in works with mosaic.

After her AVDebut on FC2, she released several works from FC2.

At that time, she did not have an actress’s name and appeared as a “gym trainer.

I checked her name in FC2 videos and found the following information.

  • gym trainer
  • fitness trainer
  • Haru
  • Ren

The site is then moved to the DTI system.

The first appearance of the DTI system will be here.

- エッチな0930

It was released by Echina 0930 and has a sale date of March 25, 2023.

Yamauchi Yayoi is a very good fit for the amateur type.

The atmosphere that you might see in your neighborhood makes her strangely horny.

You have read this far.

You’ve decided to have Yayoi Yamauchi as your wanker today, haven’t you?

Here we have compiled a list of DTI movies starring Yayoi Yamauchi, so you can make use of them to find some wank material for tonight!